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The citizenship project

for secondary and higher education

Globaland XL is a two-day, interactive educational project about global and social issues. In groups, students govern their own country in a virtual world.

They earn money through creative games (music, film, sport, quiz, etc.) and use this money to improve their country. They have to make various choices, from tax rates to ministry budgets and from (ethical) policy choices to international cooperation.

After each game round, groups receive visual feedback about the development of their country. They also earn points which determine their place in the overall ranking. There are amazing prices for the winners of Globaland XL.

Project day 1


  • 08:45 Start
  • 09:00 Game round 1
  • 10:15 Break
  • 10:45 Distribution round 1
  • 11:45 Break
  • 12:15 Game round 2
  • 13:30 Break
  • 13:45 Distribution round 2
  • 14:45 Fairaway
  • 15:00 End

Project day 2


  • 08:45 Start
  • 09:00 Game round 3
  • 10:15 Break
  • 10:45 Distribution round 3
  • 11:45 Break
  • 12:15 Game round 4
  • 13:30 Break
  • 13:45 Distribution round 4
  • 14:45 Festive conclusion
  • 15:00 End

Project in a nutshell

Globaland XL takes 2 school days. 2 to 25+ classes can participate at the same time.

Each class will be divided into 6 groups. Each group governs their own country.

During creative games they can earn Globa's to improve their country.

Groups receive instructions through inspiring videos.

Groups make various choices: from tax rates to ministry budgets...

...and from ethical policy choices to international cooperation.

Groups receive visual feedback on all choices made.

The scored points determine their place in the overall ranking.

The winning groups will receive amazing prices!

Target group

The simulation game has multiple levels making it suitable for students of all years of secondary and higher education, both in the Netherlands and Flanders. English versions are available for schools with bilingual education. 2 to 25+ classes can participate in a simulation game at the same time.

"The projects of Cross Your Borders contain themes that really stimulate students to think further."

- Jaap Brasser, Erfgooiers College

Learning outcomes

The aim of Globaland XL is to show young people that living in a prosperous and just country should not be taken for granted. This is something we believe can only be achieved if everyone works together, within and between countries.

We want to give young people insight into different global and social issues, how these relate to each other and what you can do about it. We challenge them to form their own opinion and try to make them enthusiastic to take action.


In the school year 2020-2021, the introductory price for the two-day educational project is €950 plus €19,50 per participating student. Payment via the CJP Culture card is possible. You will receive a completely organised project for this price, including all required materials and an enthusiastic young team.

The project seamlessly fits the objects for citizenship education of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.