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Globaland XL is a combination of an interactive simulation game and several other creative games. In groups, students govern their own country in a virtual world: Globaland. Groups can earn Globa's - the currency of Globaland - during the game rounds. During the distribution rounds, they can use these Globa's to improve their country.

Simulation game

There are many problems in the groups' countries. The infrastructure is bad, the unemployment rate is high and many children do not attend school. Groups face several dilemmas, such as imposing taxes, savings and loans, allocating budgets, making policy choices and cooperating with other countries. They enter these choices in the special Globaland XL-app. Groups receive feedback on all choices through text and photos. The earned scores determine their place in the overall ranking.

Escape route

Worldwide, tens of millions of people are fleeing. What does it mean to have to flee? Follow the story of a family on the run with your team. Together you go through all obstacles that they have faced before, during and after their flight. ATTENTION: this game is played in a sports hall or large space of at least 21 by 12 meters. View Detectives as a possible alternative.

Ghetto Radio

Human rights are being violated all over the world. Therefore, radio station Ghetto Radio organises a Protest Contest where groups stand up for six important human rights. Each band focuses on one of the rights, writes a protest song and sings this song live in the Ghetto Radio studio.

Movie factory

We all wear jeans every now and then. But where do these come from? Jeans make a long journey before they end up in our stores. The movie Behind The Jeans takes you to the places where your jeans are made. But the movie is not finished yet. Each team plays one of the missing scenes in a movie about the true cost of cheap clothing.

Film Quiz

Silent tragedies are problems that are hardly ever on the news. View the lives of young people from all over the world and discover which problems they are facing every day. Test your knowledge about issues such as child labour, child prostitution and child marriage.


A befriended family of a detective has no other choice than to flee. One of the family members has not survived the flight. Investigate with him and your team who has died, where the person has died and what the cause of death is. Detectives is a creative combination of well-known games such as cluedo, pictionary and memory.