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Globaland XL is a two-day, interactive educational project about global and social issues. In groups, students govern their own country in a virtual world. They earn money through creative games (music, film, sport, quiz, etc.) and use this money to improve their country. They have to make various choices, from tax rates to ministry budgets and from (ethical) policy choices to international cooperation.

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"We want to stimulate young people to think about how they would organise society"

Michel Vossenberg, project leader Globaland XL

"All strong features of our educational projects come together in Globaland XL"

Laura Gardien, development team Globaland XL

"Completely digitalised, cool design, challenging and clearly explained"

Roel Peeters, development team Globaland XL

"We are designing new creative games so we can expand the catalogue of Globaland XL"

Juul Hochstenbach, development team Globaland XL

"Want to know more? I can visit your school to give more information"

Geert Brugmans, contact person Globaland XL


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09.11.2020 - 10.11.2020

Kardinaal van Roey-instituut